Heel cap heel protectors

FOR high heels and stiletto

Anti-Slip / Stop Clicking Noise / Walk on Grass / Save on Shoe Repairs / Prolong Shoe Life



Stop Heel Clicking Noise

Fix and eliminate clicking sound from worn out heel tips

For Weddings and Grass

Increased surface area reduces sinking in grass

For Ballroom Dancing

Increased friction with floor reduces slipping

Nearly Invisible Mix and Match with Shoe Color

Use black caps for black shoes. Clear caps for colorful shoes

Walk on Slippery Floors

Walk with confidence on slippery surfaces

Protect Hardwood Floors

Cap exposed metal tip to prevent scratches on floors

Prevent Heel Wear

Extend shoe life from walking on rough surfaces

Prolong Shoe Life

Save hundreds in shoe repairs and downtime

10 Sizes for all your high heel shoes

  • Fits most high heel tips

  • Hugs the heel tips shape

  • Slim walls minimizes chunkiness

  • Discreet and transparent

  • Anti-slip friction

  • Stop clicking noise

  • Prevents sinking into grass

With Heel Hunks on your heels you’ve got nothing to fear! Walk with confidence with these seemingly invisible stiletto heel protectors over any terrain because these bad boys will be there for you when you walk over treacherous areas! They fit over your high heel stiletto shoe, protecting you and your heels in every step you take, and they look so good, yeah practically invisible!

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